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5GCAR Deliverables
Project report D1.2 is the mid-project report
Project report D2.1 is on use cases
Project report D2.2 is on intermediate business and spectrum aspects
Project report D6.1 is on standardization, dissemination and exploitation
Project report D1.1 is on the website
Project reports: D3.1, D4.1 and D5.1 are soon to be uploaded

Other Publications
1. How connectivity is transforming the automotive ecosystem
2. 5G mmWave Positioning for Vehicular Networks
3. Performance Comparison of Practical Resource Allocation Schemes for Device-to-Device Communications
4. A Game Theoretic Approach to Setting the Pilot Power Ratio in Multi-User MIMO Systems
5. Mode selection schemes for unicasting device‐to‐device communications supported by network coding
6. Collaborative Sensor Network Localization: Algorithms and Practical Issues
7. Genetic Algorithm-Based Beam Refinement for Initial Access in Millimeter Wave Mobile Networks
8. Control and management of a connected car using YANG/RESTCONF and cloud computing
9. Integration of IoT, Transport SDN, and Edge/Cloud Computing for Dynamic Distribution of IoT Analytics and Efficient Use of Network Resources

About 5GCAR
5GCAR (Fifth Generation Communication Automotive Research and innovation) is a H2020 5G-PPP Phase 2 project funded by the European Commission.
Project’s start date: 2017-06-01
Project’s end date: 2019-05-31

A 5GCAR project overview

Project Coordinator: Dr Mikael Fallgren
Project Officer: Mr Christian Micas

5GCAR is coordinated by Ericsson. The project consortium consists of

Approximately 30 persons are dedicated full time to 5GCAR during its 24-month duration.

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