WP6: Dissemination and impact

The 5GCAR consortium members very early in the project have identified a number of major activities for disseminating 5GCAR results. All these dissemination and exploitation activities have been selected with focus on technical objectives and performance research as well as on better understanding the societal impacts of various complexity levels of autonomous driving systems. In doing so, 5GCAR project during the first year in the project has organized a number of workshops, panels and special sessions as well as a demo at various conferences and industrial events. It has also published articles in peer-reviewed conferences, magazines and journals whereas some are already published in the proceedings and some are in the pipeline. The members of 5GCAR project are regularly invited as keynote speakers to give talks and give short courses on selected topics related to 5G for automotive. Besides that, the 5GCAR is able to bring relevant knowledge into the collaboration with other significant 5G-PPP projects, for instance in the 5G Automotive WG.

Standardization and exploitation activities

The 5GCAR project partners have been participating continuously to the standardization and regulation bodies meetings such as 3GPP and ETSI, industrial alliances such as 5GAA and European Union project partnerships such as 5G-PPP. The 5GCAR project addressed multiple topics from telco industry to car industry. Standardization and regulation bodies are also dealing either directly or indirectly with V2X. Even before the project officially started, the consortium identified a list of possible relevant bodies to be monitored (to ensure good alignment with project activities and the major trends of the ecosystems) and for contribution (to promote project outcome at a standardization level).

The exploitation activities in 5GCAR are bringing seemingly diverse areas together given the diversity of partners’ area in the project. There is a various type of challenges that each of these industries are facing and that these challenges are interconnected to some extent, therefore partners coming together to address these challenges having difference perspective and expertise give a greater strength