Cellular V2X for Connected Automated Driving

Key results and insights attained during the 5GCAR project together with more recent developments have resulted in the Wiley book entitled Cellular V2X for Connected Automated Driving.

This page holds supplementary material for this book:
● Project deliverables (link)
● Publications (link)
● Tutorials and presentations:
o UK-China forum (Virtual, 2020)
o IEEE Sweden VT/COM/IT Chapter organized Swe-CTW (Lund, 2019) (pdf)
o Global5G Webinars (Virtual, 2018 and 2019)
o 5G V2X Summer School (London, 2018)
● Project demonstrations:
o Final demonstration (27th of June 2019)
o Pre-demonstration (early 2019)
o Use case illustration (early 2018)

The book’s Table of Contents:
1. Introduction
2. Business Models
3. Standardization and Regulation
4. Spectrum and Channel Modeling
5. V2X Radio Interface
6. Network Enhancements
7. Enhancements to Support V2X Application Adaptations
8. Radio-Based Positioning and Video-Based Positioning
9. Security and Privacy
10. Status, Recommendations, and Outlook

Link to the book’s Wiley webpage: Cellular V2X for Connected Automated Driving | Wiley